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  • Sijin Intelligent Forming Machinery Co., Ltd. (Stock abbreviation is "Sijin Intelligent", Stock code is "003025")is the first A share listed company of Cold Forming Machine manufacturing industry. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sales of Multi-station High-speed Automatic Cold Forming Machine and Die Casting Machine. It is an enterprise dedicated to improving China's Technical Level of Cold Forming Machine, promoting the development and progress of cold forming technology, and achieving industrial upgrading of fasteners and special-shaped parts.

    Adhering to the craftsman spirit of excellence, the company has cultivated a group of dedicated, precise, and innovative technical personnel. After years of continuous technological innovation, the company has mastered a series of core technologies of Multi-station High-speed Automatic Cold Forming Machine and Die casting Machine, and developed into a Leading Domestic Supplier of Multi-station High-speed Automatic Cold Forming Machine. Currently, there are five series of Cold Forming Machine with more than 140 specifications: SJBF Series Multi-station Automatic Cold Forming Machine, SJBP Series Parts Multi-station Automatic Cold Forming Machine, SJNF Series Multi-station Automatic Cold Forming Machine, SJNP Series Special Parts Multi-station Automatic Cold Heading Compound Forming Machine, SJPF Series of Special Parts Multi-station Automatic Cold Heading Compound Forming Machine. And there are more than 30 Die casting Machine of SJ, DCM Series.

    The core technology of the company is mainly derived from independent research and development. In order to keep abreast of the industry’s development direction and technological frontiers, in addition to relying on its own technical personnel for research and development activities, it also cooperates with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai University, Ningbo University of Technology, Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, China Productivity Center for Machinery. The company has also established good technical communication channels and cooperative relations with the other domestic colleges, universities and scientific research institutes, which have further improved the Theoretical Foundation and Level of the company's Technology Research and Development.

    The company undertakes several national and local science and technology projects such as: the National Torch Program, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Science and Technology Major Project (04 Special Project), SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) Technology Innovation Fund Project from the National Ministry of Science and Technology, National Ministry of Science and Technology Key New Product Project, Ningbo Major Scientific and Technological Projects, Ningbo High-tech Park Major Scientific and Technological Projects. It is also responsible for or participating in the formulation of 4 National and Industry Standards. In Jan. 2017, the company was approved of building Zhejiang Post-doctoral Workstation. In Dec.2019, the company was awarded as “National Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Enterprise”. In Jan. 2020, the company was awarded as “Ningbo Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise”. In Jan. 2021, the Company Research Institute " Zhejiang Sijin Intelligent Cold Forming Equipment Research Institute " was awarded as the Provincial Enterprise Research Institute. In Mar.2021, the company was identified as “Leaders in Zhejiang Province’s Manufacturing Efficiency per mu Top 20". In Jul.2021, the company was successfully selected for the third batch of specialized and new "little giant" enterprises that announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China. In Aug.2021, the company was successfully selected into the publicity list of Municipal Automation (Intelligent) Complete Equipment Transformation and Municipal Digital Workshop/Smart Factory Project in 2021. Also in Aug.2021, the multi-station cold forming equipment has passed the recognition of "Made in Zhejiang" product word mark, what Further enhance the brand awareness of the enterprise. The High speed precision multi-station cold forming equipment ZX04-20 was awarded as was awarded as the execellent award of National Machinery Industry Product Quality Innovation Competition,which was hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation. At present, the company has 92 patents, 25 of them are patents for invention. ;1 software copyright.

    The Cold Forming Machines have been recognized as "National Key New Product", "Famous Brand Products of China Machinery Industry", "Zhejiang Famous Brand Products", "the Frist Set of Ningbo Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Zhejiang Province", and a variety of machines have been honored with Special Award for Independent Innovation and Outstanding New Products in the Fastener Industry.

    The company adheres to the vision of "Establishing a Benchmark Image in the Industry and Being the Leader of Cold Forming Machine in China", with the mission of "Liberating Productivity and Making Technical Contributions to Green Production", and abides by the business philosophy of “Exploitation, Enterprising, Sincere and Dedicated”, adopting the business strategy of "Advanced Manufacturing Technology as the Core and Market Demand as the Guidance". The company would base on the domestic, facing to the world, striving to become a Domestic Leading and Internationally Influential Supplier of Multi-station High-speed Intelligent Cold Forming Machine, so that can satisfy the customers’ demands of Total Solution and Individual Customization.